KeyIIMusic is a Nonprofit Charity for Musicians young and old!  Please donate to a wonderful cause that keeps musicians and the music loving audience connected.    We have sponsorship and help programs for high school kids in the US school districts.  Our help includes donating music instruments to very deserving young musicians.  Amongst money donations, KeyIIMusic  excepts also actual music instruments, refurbish them, and make sure a caring and music loving child will be able to play the instruments of their dreams.

KeyIIMusic Has been developing a revolutionary mobile app that is informing you, the music enthusiast, of the exact whereabouts where music, and music performers can be found. KeyIIMusic or keep in touch!  KeyIIMusic Mobile App is free and for everyone to use.  

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Support our cause, because we all love music.
100% of the donations go to a talented, worthy group of young musicians.  Our top priority are sponsorship programs with Local High Schools.  Here we are dedicated to find worthy, and deserving young musicians that are on a waiting list for their dream instrument.  Discover all our charity has to offer with our fundraising programs.
Visit: to find KeyIIMusic and our Sponsorship Program. KeyIIMusic sponsored musicians will be updated monthly.

Please HELP and DONATE to the good cause.

Sponsorship Program

KeyIIMusic is raising money for music loving school kids! Donations will go towards music instruments and supplies in our Highschool sponsorship program. Support KeyIIMusic’s campaign to follow our progress & share with your friends!

KeyIIMusic is also proud to work on an mobile application, that is letting musicians performing live, and post their performances for the Audience to see by placing their exact whereabouts on the app with a pin. The mobile app is free for anyone to use and is able to locate any live performers nearby.

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We bring musicians and the audience together.

Hi there! I was new in the area and wanted to see what is going on, and if there are any live music bands playing. All I had to do is check on my KeyiiMusic mobile app and I found a group that ROCKED!

Ben in Dallas Texas

Key II Music is helping all kinds of musicians with funds and music instruments. We play all the time at a bar and have some regular fans that use the KEYIIMUSIC Mobile app to vote for us. When our sound system broke we got some help to replace it from the Key2Music fund, just because we had so many fans vote for us!

John in Austin Texas