Key II Music App Release Party. Sign up Highschool & Kids for $$ HELP

About Us

A Non-Profit Charity


As a charitable organization we are giving back to Musicians and Bands, who have signed up with us.

Very TALENTED Kids will be supported with money and Instruments thru the school program.

Musicians and Bands that are interested in being in our charity program can sign up under the Musicians Sign Up.



 Our App is free to download anywhere.  There you are able to look up your live performing Artist or Band, rate on their performance 3 times.  Signed up Bands will be rewarded with their wish-list item, based on the rating. Once a year you will be invited to the K2Music Fest, where your favorite Performers play!

We need YOUR HELP, please Donate..


 Our Goal is to give at least two talented Kids, per School Program, Instruments they deserve.  Key II Music is asking for your support! Planned is to be involved in all major Music Schools nation wide! This requires money from you, and any instruments you can spare. Please go to the donation section and fill in your information. It is secure, and you will be provided a Tax write-off Statement.

Band / Musician Sign Up

Fill in your Name and Band Name, Email, your Story + Wishlist Item!

PLEASE SIGN UP PERFORMERS! Include place of performance and e-mail and phone number.

We love the Music and like to reward those terrific performers! Please let us know how to help!

Key II Music Ltd.

South Marsalis Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75216, United States

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Your generous gift will help us fund the musician, to help those in need. Together, we can make a difference.

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