Who we are:

KeyiiMusic.com – Charity for Musicians


High School Program:

KeyIIMusic is raising money for music loving school kids! Donations will go towards music instruments and supplies in our Highschool sponsorship program. Support KeyIIMusic’s campaign to follow our progress & share with your friends!

Key II Music is donating to certain local high schools in your area a number of instruments. Those Instruments have been donated by very generous and kind people, who do not like to see young talented kids giving up, just because they didn’t have the funds to buy themself that instrument.. Key II Music is accepting donations of monies, and old music instruments of all sorts, refurbish, and restore them before giving them to the children.

Give as many talented children as possible hope to be successful in the music industry.

Mobile App :

KeyIIMusic is also proud to work on an mobile application, that is letting musicians performing live, post their performances places for the Audience to see, by placing their exact whereabouts on the app with a pin.

The mobile app is free for anyone to use and is able to locate any live performers nearby.

Musicians, Bands & Singers are able to sign up for our reward program. This program allows their fans to let us know who is talented enough to help them in a time of need.

The mobile app provides multiple advantages that come in handy for any musician. Not just only is it allowing to keep track of the musicians performance, their fans, and likability but also can accept contributions and informs their fans of upcoming events including that particular performer! Anyone will be able to upload their live performance with directional assistance. And anyone (fans, event searchers & music lovers) with the downloaded mobile app is able to see performers nearby. The musician or performer has the option to advertise to someone they have impressed before, and are able to inform their fans where they are playing next! The musician/ Performer is also able to link their social media account for easy remembering on their KeyiiMusic App Performance .

Voting and KeyiiMusic Mobile App

Everyone that downloads our free Mobile App KeyiiMusic is also able to vote for musicians. The first month offers 3 time entering a musician and voting for them. Based on the musician being signed up with our help program. Those musicians/bands with the best voting record are being sponsored and rewarded with their need of funds or instruments from donations. After the initial start out month everyone is able to utilize the KeyiiMusic mobile app to find live music & musicians near them. Each month gives the App user a new chance to vote for a new or old musician they been visiting. If someone is wanting to have unlimited access to vote there is a membership program, where funds collected will benefit the musicians. The annual Membership fee is $54.79 or a monthly membership of $4.95. All members are getting additional bonus tickets for special Key II Music events. Since Key II Music is a Non-profit charity all memberships and donations are tax deductible.

We Need YOUR SUPPORT! Please donate monies or music instruments. We also have our Membership Programs, All funds or in kind donations are able to be listed as a tax write off with the IRS.

Please Support KeyIIMusic

Please Support KeyIIMusic



How long we retain your data

Data: If you leave a comment, the comment and its metadata are retained indefinitely. This is so we can recognize and approve any follow-up comments automatically instead of holding them in a moderation queue. Information on the mobile app of musicians only lasts for 4 hours after submitting a location for everyone else to see. After that temporary location of live music it will be permanently discarded.

If you request a password reset, your IP address will be included in the reset email